On the Burning of the Library of Alexandria

Behold! The slaughter of a thousand thoughts,
The silencing of man’s outcrying song.
Witness the wisdom of an age, now caught
Twixt black’ning cloud and and twisted, glowing tongue.
Mark how the tattered leaves do fall and lift,
As tears composed of centuries they cry;
Ne’er through them eager youth is hence to sift,
Nor master evermore make solemn pry.
Yet weep not for those things which hath been learn’d
Through telescopes, in dimly lighted towers:
Immortal those deductions be, though burn’d,
And though begat by countless trying hours:
For these our sons anon shall rediscover,
Yet art destroy’d may never we recover.


Wert thou to such bewitching sweetness born

Wert thou to such bewitching sweetness born,
Or didst thou, in thy jealousy, conform,
On having heard her hymns traverse the trees,
To match the mould of Nature’s melodies?
If so, thy labour sound success hath brought;
Th’ unconquerable mother hath been caught,
And, like a shattered mirror scattered round,
A hundred times thy graces doth resound.
But as each beast and bird must bare his bones,
And as the rushing river strips the stones,
Doth beauty, with her blessing, bring her bane:
Each flower singed by Saturn’s pheonix-flame,
Which, like the forest fire blazing through,
Shall scorch away thy sins, and bear anew.


The goddess hath my instruments destroy’d,
And as my loom hath brake, so hath my breast,
Delivered in its shards to show its worth
And being shown, revealing all its faults.
For fool was I, who challengèd the gods,
In jest, perhaps, but even so, a sin;
For though indeed my skill the greater was,
It weaken’d with the pride with which it paired:

One needle more I think I’ll thread,
The eye of grass, the strand this head.

The Amazon

Who are your legions, Amazon?
+++This reckless race of brazen breast,
+++Each more than matched to manly test.

What be your battle, Amazon?
+++We mothers mighty, sisters strong;
+++We long for right, we smite the wrong.

Where do ye wage it, Amazon?
+++On rocky plain and ravaged field
+++Our enemies shall yonder yield.

How are ye furnished, Amazon?
+++With quiver round each shoulder slung,
+++And arrows aching to be flung.

When are ye sated, Amazon?
+++When falleth like the setting sun
+++The enemy, and breathes not one.

Who are your legions, Amazon?
+++This reckless race of brazen breast,
+++Each more than matched to manly test.


Help me, for I’m overcome; a sudden wish to die.
Just a couple minutes back I felt above the world,
But now I can’t sit down without that painful urge to cry,
Now her silken hair has flown, her loving arms uncurled.

Before the clock struck thirteen, I was sitting in the sun
In an innocent position built of humble gratitude;
Her breath beneath my beating breast, my cold heart overrun
With blissful breeze windmilling into settled solitude.

I’d end my life, that I may have that feeling once again,
That soul-fulfilling feeling of sensations unreserved,
In the blazen afterlife, above my corpse, above the rain,
Although I feel the once was more that any man deserved.

Cetus Challenged

The princess to the craggy rocks is chained,
A sacrifice for Cetus’ jaws to take.
But hark, cuts though the clouds a golden ray:
A wingèd knight, adorned in fine array,
His armour glistening ‘gainst a sky of grey.
He lands, and with his sword the chains he breaks,
The princess now assured that she is safe.
A shadow moves beneath the violet waves,
And Cetus now his dread appearance makes:
Its eyes glow red like coals upon a slate.
The knight is spurred with anger and with hate
That this foul form the earth should desecrate.
A battle most spectacular is waged,
The vassal armed with shield and iron blade,
The serpent tapered teeth and tempered scales.
And all throughout, nor each begins to wane,
In stamina so equal matched are they.
The writhing wyrm the land doth cause to quake,
And each seen stone and rock reverberate.
Lo! From the knight a mighty blow is placed:
Through Cetus’ eye his sword doth penetrate.
From out that spot the blood begins to drain
And runneth from the other side the brains.
At last, the loathèd serpent’s surely slain!
Fair princess for his bride the knight hath ta’en;
We leave them now, their happy ending gained.

Say not so

Approacheth he the meloncholy lass,
And asketh ‘Why art thou so sunken sad?’
Replieth she, ‘My mis’ry is a man.
‘Men are, I fear, a false and faithless band,
And shame on she who care not curse that clan.’

With this, the tears accross her cheeks began;
Dark pools made they ‘pon landing in her lap.
With sympathy, he sets down where she’s sat,
And says ‘A judgement most unjust is that.

‘Nay, black and boorish be not ev’ry man;
‘Say not so, save that I thou thinkest am.’


Why can’t I just be the same?
I feel no love, but feel it’s pain;
I cannot hear what she is saying
Though I can’t remember why.

I gave her up too willingly,
Her test passed unfulfillingly;
I speak the sorrow I am paying
To our love of days gone by.

Don’t people know my disposition
Is of mine own sad composition?
I act this way because I’m praying
Love will see my colours fly.

Damned lust, it has my spirit called,
Not just to get my ashes hauled,
But, while we are each other laying,
Sing our c’resses ‘neath the sky.

The sun comes forth through open clouds,
The mourners donning blackened shrouds,
And through the tombstones, children playing,
Laughing as their parents cry.

Perhaps it’s best to not remember
Then perhaps, come next December,
I’ll have forgotten what I’m saying
And watch those open clouds roll by.