She says yes,
I’ll dance.
She says no,
I’ll cry.

But I’ll take
My chance;
If I don’t,
I’ll die.


After a dream in which the author learned he was God

I have heard it was nice, when it was only me, and blackness and calm. But then things were extracted, and things multiplied, and They spoke to me, and how strange to learn from whence came Milton and Beethoven and religion. And the first ones I told were my brother and his wife, but they are dead now (have always been), and they asked me to explain my divinity, but I felt lost, and I am always being followed.


Why is glass water-coloured, how come I can’t move my toes as well as my fingers, where is my dressing gown, are my friends just humouring me, how do ladies go to the bathroom, what is my excuse, why did they think I was a good idea, why are cotton socks more common than wool socks, how many bees die during the honey-making process, what does it feel like to…